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The Parkway, , Marlow (Buckinghamshire) - Buckinghamshire
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The Natrelle™ Collection was created with the understanding that every woman chooses breast augmentation for a unique reason. So, The Natrelle™ Collection offers over 500 different styles. With so many different high-quality options, you can be sure that your surgeon will find the right implant to make your dreams a reality. Our facilities are in Marlow.

You've thought a lot about breast implants, envisioning the improvements you hope to see in the size, shape, or lift of your breasts. Women who feel self-conscious about their smaller breasts have probably pictured themselves in fashions that show off feminine curves, while women who've had a couple children may daydream about recapturing their perky, pre-baby shape and size. Creating the ideal size and shape with breast implants can create a more confident, feminine, natural you . . . but there's much more that you should know about breast implants.

The Natrelle™ Collection of breast implants offers a wide spectrum of sizes, shapes, and materials to meet each woman's individual needs. Whether you're seeking to enhance fullness and size or reshape and lift your breasts, there is a Natrelle™ breast implant option to help you achieve the results you want. Breast implants are available in both round and anatomical shapes, each of which offers its own aesthetic advantages. In terms of material, breast implants are composed of an outer layer or 'shell' of silicone that is filled with either silicone or saline (a salt-water solution).  The choice of the implant filler has a direct impact on how the breast feels and looks. Many women believe silicone gel-filled implants offer the most natural look and feel. More than 95% of breast implants used in Europe are silicone gel-filled.

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