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    United Kingdom

The Anelca Clinic

City of Westminster (North London)
84 Harley Street, City of Westminster - North London
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We are The Anelca Clinic, specialised in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery covering a broad range from cancer treatments to pure aesthetic surgery. Anelca Clinic is located in the medical heart of London.Our aim is to create unique healthcare designed for patients needing plastic surgery managed and operated by specifically trained Consultant Plastic Surgeons. For us, the patient is of prime importance and we are here to help you with any concerns.You will meet female and male Consultant Plastic Surgeons who are all on the Specialist Register for Plastic Surgery with the General Medical Council.Consultants follow the latest in technical advances as well as in scientific developments within Plastic Surgery research. They Themselves also have extensive backgrounds in research. Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons hold positions within NHS in the UK or Sweden. They are recognised by most private medical insurance companies, e.g BUPA, PPP and WPA.

Within our team, we have Specialised Nursing Staff who provide free consultations to enable you to identify any problems that you may have before meeting a consultant. Our Consultant Anaesthetists, based at University Hospitals (NHS), are experts in their field and are on the Specialist Register for Anaesthesia with the General Medical Council. We perform surgery at highly recognised hospitals in London equipped with the latest technology. We work closely with many General Practitioners and other specialists. Patients should usually be seen with a referral letter.

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  • Cosmetic surgery
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Otoplasty
    • Blepharoplasty
    • Facelift
    • Brow lift
    • Cheek implant
    • Chin Augmentation
    • Eye surgery
    • Liposuction
    • Liposculpture
    • Breast Augmentation
    • Breast Reduction
    • Breast Asymmetry
    • Mastopexy
    • Abdominoplasty
    • Buttock Augmentation
    • Buttock Lift
    • Pectoral Augmentation
    • Gynecomasty
    • Intimate surgery
    • Scar reduction
    • Body Lifting
    • Vascular surgery
    • Refractive surgery
    • Plastic surgery
  • Cosmetic medicine
    • Collagen Injections
    • Facial Fillers
    • Lip Augmentation
    • Contour Threads Facelift
    • Wrinkle Elimination
    • Wrinkle Correction
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Cellular Revitalization
    • Facial Rejuvenation
    • Laser skin resurfacing
    • Neck Treatments
    • Anti-Acne Treatments
    • Gastric Bypass
    • Photodepilation
    • Laser Hair Removal
    • Vascular Laser Treatment
    • Mesotherapy
    • Cellulite
    • Post-Liposuction Treatment
    • Cosmetic Dermatology
    • Diets
    • Nutrition
  • Cosmetic surgery by region
    • North London

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