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Tanya Stocken Nutritional Coach

London Bridge (City of London)
, London Bridge - City of London
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Tanya Stocken Nutritional Coach. Nutrition is the process of nourishing the body with the correct balance of food types such as protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. These foods are necessary to fuel, grow, repair and optimise health.

Every part of the body needs the correct nourishment for optimum performance.

Tanya Stocken Nutritional Coach, the good thing about nutrition is that it is something you have complete control over.  By taking your health seriously and consulting with a Nutritionist to determine the foods suitable for you, your body will reward you with increased energy, vibrant health and vitality.

Tanya Stocken Nutritional Coach. Hi I'm Tanya Stocken and I am your Nutritional Coach.I started my career in natural health in 2006 by qualifying as a Natural Nutrition practitioner, with the College of Natural Nutrition. I also have qualifications in clinical and sports nutrition, as well as Performance Coaching.

I am also a Nutritional Adviser with Lab21, a company that provides some of the best biochemical tests for allergies and intolerances.I really enjoy helping people achieve their optimum physical health, which in turn will impact their emotional wellbeing. All my treatments are completely tailored to the individual's needs. Treatment plans are designed to fit in with budgets and lifestyles.

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