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Gastric Bypass centres in North London

The following centres carry out Gastric Bypass procedures.


111 Harley Street Surgeons

North London

111 Harley Street Surgeons' (London) premises are located in an elegant Georgian building in the heart of London`s private medical community. The surgeons and nurses at 111... (Gastric Bypass North London)

The Consulting Suite

North London

The Consulting Suite has been defining excellence in plastic surgery for over thirty years.We are a private practice of five Consultant Plastic Surgeons, all of whom are fully... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Healthier Weight

North London

Healthier Weight (Birmingham) if you have a weight problem we can help you. Whether you have a few pounds or many stones to lose you will find a solution with Healthier... (Gastric Bypass North London)

London Cosmetic Surgery Partners

North London

Dr Joffily`s London-based practice, London cosmetic surgery Partners offers World-Class Cosmetic and Plastic-Surgery in Harley Street London. Specialised in Rhinoplasty ethnic Rhinoplasty... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Queensway Clinic

North London

Queensway Clinic (London) is a highly renowned and leading clinic in the United Kingdom. Situated in the centre of London, it continues to maintain the highest level of consultancy... (Gastric Bypass North London)

London Plastic Surgery Associates

North London

London Plastic Surgery Associates (London) is the private practice of four London teaching hospital consultant plastic surgeons. The partnership is dedicated to providing comprehensive... (Gastric Bypass North London)

The Anelca Clinic

North London

We are The Anelca Clinic, specialised in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery covering a broad range from cancer treatments to pure aesthetic surgery. Anelca Clinic is... (Gastric Bypass North London)

The Hospital Group

North London

The Hospital Group (Birmingham) is one of the UK's leading providers of Cosmetic Surgery, number one in Obesity Surgery and Hair Transplantation and experts in Non Surgical... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Highgate Private Hospital - Cosmetic Clinic

North London

Highgate Private Hospital - Cosmetic Clinic (London) as one of London's leading cosmetic surgery centres and with thousands of satisfied patients, we offer a no-obligation consultation... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Harley Street Skin

North London

Dr. Aamer Khan is a cosmetic doctor who treats A listers for anything from dry skin, lines, wrinkles and acne through to the latest treatments using stem cells to regenerate... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Woodford Medical Aesthetics

North London

Woodford Medical Aesthetics was set up over ten years ago by former GPs Dr Mervyn Patterson and Dr Hilary Allan following intensive training in the US from leading dermatologists... (Gastric Bypass North London)

Alizonne London

North London

Alizonne London is our modern, spacious, private, specialist clinic, dedicated to providing the revolutionary Alizonne Contour Shaping Weight Reduction Therapy® and a wide range... (Gastric Bypass North London)