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Cosmo Clinics

Hackney (North London)
169 Kingsland Road, Hackney (North London) - North London
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Cosmo clinics are dedicated in providing comprehensive and innovative treatments to encourage clients to seek non-compromising care and educate them on the benefit of "appearance-related" treatments, which can improve ones self-image and self worth through health, function and beauty. Our facilities are in London.Cosmo dental and facial Clinic offers an exclusive range of the latest Dental and Facial cosmetic treatments, such as non-invasive wrinkle removals to improve facial contours, non-surgical face and body lifts, dental implants, smile line design and lip augumentation.We can offer effective and long-lasting treatments to help you gaining the look you desire.Our offices benefit from state of the art equipment to provide the highest quality dental and facial care.We hope you find our approach stimulating in the quest for a positive smile and an exquisite appearance.

Cosmo Dental Practice was established in February 1996 by Dr kevin zadshir. Dr Zadshir's passion and his wide experience in excellent dentistry (rooted in Swedish health service) turned the traditional way of dentistry to an exciting and revolutionary image, where excellent, quality and comfort were replacing the frightening look of dentistry.His aim was to change people's view of dentistry to a new vision by introducing a new version of dental and facial cosmetic. This new concept combines all aspect of facial beauty (skin rejuvenation, macrodermabrasion, oxy-bars, dermal filler, botox, lip augmentation) and dental cosmetic (implant, smile line design, laser tooth whitening, veneer therapy, etc.) which allows a complete facial enhancement and transformation.In feb 2003 Dr Zadshir finaly launched his new concept by opening the Cosmo Dental & Facial Clinic in London.What we are experiencing today is the result of a very hard work of Dr Zadshir and his team.which will never stop in providing the excellent service in beauty and well-being . All dentists at Cosmo dental practice and Cosmo Dental and facial Clinic are qualified from the finest international universities, dominantly from Sweden.

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